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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pharmacy located?

Oncology Consultants has three outpatient pharmacies to serve you. They are located within our physician’s office at the Memorial City clinic, Cancer Center clinic, and Katy Clinic.


What are the hours of operations?

Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all Major Holidays


What type of insurance does the pharmacy accept?

Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D

All Major Commercial Insurances


The pharmacies accept a large number of prescription insurances. Our pharmacy staff can determine if your benefit card is accepted at our pharmacies.


How will I know when the prescription will be ready?

Your prescription should be ready when you are finished with your physician office visit.


If you are seeing us at one of our satellite offices, then we will call you within 24-72 hours.

Your prescription will be held at our pharmacy for 14 days. During that time, we will attempt to notify you via phone or text.

Financial Assistants

We source funding assistance through a number of different foundations and facilitate the application process at no cost to the patient. Simply fax the patient's prescription and insurance information, our OCRX Pharmacy will communicate their findings with the practice and the patient.


OCRX Pharmacy financial counselors can assist patients with the following application processes:

  • Assist in the insurance approval process for your treatment

  • Breakdown of month-to-month out-of-pocket cost of your specialty medication

  • Assess your financial hardship to ensure your medications will be affordable

  • Facilitate enrollment in manufacturer copay assistance programs if commercial insurance is utilized

  • Facilitate access to grants and funds available from non-profit foundations if Medicare is utilized

  • Assist with the billing of your copays to various foundations once approved.


Contact us here if you would like to speak with a financial counselor.

How to I refill my prescriptions?

To request a prescription refill from our Memorial City Pharmacy, call 713-275-3222.

To request a prescription refill from our Cancer Center Pharmacy, call 713-600-0934.

To request a prescription refill from our Katy Pharmacy, call 832-333-1425.

You can also request your refill at our website:

If I don’t have refills remaining on my prescriptions, what should I do?

Our pharmacists work directly with our physicians to make it convenient for you to obtain refills. Please call our pharmacies.


Can Oncology Consultant Pharmacy fill my prescriptions written by outside physicians?

We are an open retail pharmacy and call fill medications from outside physicians.


Does Oncology Consultant Pharmacy delivery prescriptions to my home?

Our pharmacy provides delivery of medication to your home.  The patient is responsible for the copay payment prior to delivery.

How can I pay for my medication?

We accept cash, check, or most major credit cards.


What if I cannot afford to pay for my medication?

OCRX Pharmacy has an on-staff financial counselors that will be able to assist you in determining if you qualify for financial assistance for your prescriptions. Please contact our pharmacy team to initiate the first steps.


Can I fill my prescriptions at my local pharmacy?

You make take your prescription to the local pharmacy of your choice.


If you have previously filled prescription from our pharmacy and wish to transfer the prescription to a local pharmacy, this can be arranged. Please have the local pharmacy call us with your prescription number.


Does the pharmacy sell over-the-counter medications?

Our pharmacies have a limited selection of over-the-counter medications. Please contact our pharmacy team who will be able to help you.





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